Buffalo Hat Singers

The Buffalo Hat Singers are a group of contemporary powwow singers based in Montréal, Québec, Canada. The Drum Carrier, Lead Singer and Song Composer, Norman Achneepineskum, is an Anishinabe (Ojibway - Cree) originally from the Thunder Bay Region in Ontario, and has over 20 years experience being a powwow singer with a passion. The Buffalo Hat Singers embark on the journey participating at events and traditional powwows in the Greater Montréal Area.

“We are a group of respectful individuals who are brought together by the Spirit of the song, the Power of the Drum, Peace, friendship and brotherhood. Our drum carrier, Norman Achneepineskum, has over 20 years experience on the powwow trail in Ontario and Quebec. He is also a writer and composer of powwow songs. Buffalo Hat Singers render traditional powwow drum songs primarily in the Anishinabe language.”  


The production took place on the Parc de la Rivière des Mille Îles, in Laval, on October 5th and 12th 2015.  

Members: Norman Achneepineskum (lead singer and drum carrier), Normand Raymond (backvocals, drum and flute), Pedro Diaz (backvocals, drum and shakers), Fred Cheezo (backvocals, rainstick and shakers), Ivanie Aubin-Malo (dancer) and Al Harrington (dancer).

Genre: Powwow Music

Hometown : Montréal (Québec-Canada)



Directed by Luisa Valencia

1st Assistant and art director: Juan Palacio


Sound engineers : Jera Cravo and Adamantia Deco

Band Manager : Emma Denise Gagnon

Line Producer: Ons Barnat

Coordination: Ana M. Cárdenas


Special thanks to:

Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles

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