Paíto: Gaita’s minstrel soul

Sixto “Paíto” Salgado history dates back to 1939, when he was born in Flamenco, a village of northern Colombia, in a region imbued with the African tradition, despite having the presence of Indians of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. With nearly 60 years of musical experience, Paíto is a minstrel of Colombian music and a famous performer of the Gaita. His presentations have been carried out in major Colombian cities and internationally in France and Brazil.

Genre: Traditional Gaita Music

Song : “La Promesa” is a song that Sixto “Paíto” Salgado has composed to denounce the attitude of Colombian politicians that are coming to local villages full of promises they will not keep.  

Hometown : Isla Grande (Bolivar-Colombia)

Behind the scene with Paíto and Gabriel Bocanegra, Isla Grande, Colombia (2015)

Directed by Pierre Friquet

Sound engineer: Gabriel Bocanegra

Sound Mix: Jera Cravo

Coordination: Ana M. Cárdenas

Music Research: Ons Barnat



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