Son Palenque: Legends in Afro-Colombian rhythms

Son Palenque is a legendary Afro-Colombian band, founded in the beginning of the 80’s in the city of Cartagena (Caribbean coast), by the singer and composer Justo Valdez. Since then, this 7th people band has recorded 8 LP’s of traditional Afro-Colombian music, mixed with African and psychedelic influences. The band plays rhythms as cumbia, chalupa, Bullerengue, lumbalu (played for funerals and other rituals), Son de Negro, and a huge variety of african rhythms. The band performances are like a journey through the history of afro-colombian music and culture, and the history of all the musical exchanges between Africa and America, during centuries of colonial history.

Band Members: Justo Valdez (lead vocals), Enrique Marquez (lead vocals and ‘llamador’ drum), Tomas Valdez (drums and backing vocals), Luciano Torres (maracas and backing vocals), Gustavo Alvarez  (maracas), Cecilio Torres (backing vocals and ‘canas’), Alfredo Olmos (tambora)

Genre: Traditional Afro-Colombian Music

Hometown : San Basilio De Palenque and Cartagena (Bolivar-Colombia)




Directed by Pierre Friquet

Sound engineer : Gabriel Bocanegra

Coordination: Ana M. Cárdenas

Line Producer: Lucas Silva

Music Research: Ons Barnat

Son Palenque band in the main plaza of San Basilio de Palenque, Colombia (2015)

Session description: 3 tracks were recorded in 360, using the 3dio Omnibinaural Mic + Individual Mics for each instruments and the lead Singer.

    1. Yo Me Voy: emblematic song of Son Palenque (already recorded by amplificado.tv), where the lead singer Justo Valdez expresses his will to go back to Palenque, first free black city of the Americas
    2. Tungalala Sapo, traditional version of a recorded 70’s song.
    3. Mina Kuku, song used for setting up the gear, where you can see Justo Valdez wearing the VR Headset while singing.

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